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Come To Live

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         Come To Live Starter                                     Come To Live book 1                                Come To Live book 2


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           Come To Live book 3                                 Come To Live book 4                              Come To Live book 5


CTL cover book6
          Come To Live book 6


Come to Live is a primary school seven-book series. The lessons in every unit are integrated and help students learn and discover the language functions-related topic. Each unit includes songs, stories, and plenty of activities, lively illustrations, games, projects and speaking activities so students can apply what they are learning.

        Components:                                  Downloadable resources.

       - Student’s book                             - Student’s book & workbook mp3 files

       - Workbook                                     - Printable flashcard

       - Web school                                   - Teacher’s CD-ROM

       - AR APP

       - Teacher’s guide


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