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Workplace English is a three-level business series that offers different topics covering speaking and writing activities which depict business situations such as job interviews, business trips, and writing business letters. All books offer useful dialogues and reading texts, contextual vocabulary and situational workplace videos. TOEIC-like questions are provided in the Review section.


Components:                         Downloadable Resources

-Student’s Book                       -Student’s Book DVD-ROM/MP3

-Teacher's Guide                     -Teacher's Guide Resources

-Web school (e-Lab)                   

-AR app WorkplaceQRC

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Information Technology English


  IT coverInformation Technology English is designed for English communication in the professional IT workplace. It is divided into three parts: Before Work, General Work knowledge, and IT Professional Work. This free-standing book is suitable for both students with an IT major at college and people just beginning their career as IT professionals.


Components:                         Downloadable Resources

-Student’s Book                       -Student’s Book CD-ROM/MP3

-Teacher's Guide                     -Teacher's Guide Resources

-Web school (e-Lab)                   

-AR app 

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